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    Redback Bytes?

    What’s that?

    This is a common question amongst new visitors to this site. We wanted a business name that said we were 100% Australian. Nothing says Australia better than its diverse wildlife, like the Redback Spider.

    One of the most utilised computer terms is Bytes, as in megabytes, gigabytes and so on.

    Marry the two together and Redback Bytes Computer Services is what you get. Sorry to all suffering arachnophobia.
    Who Are Redback Bytes?

    Redback Bytes Computer Services is a mobile computer repair and laptop services company located on The Central Coast of NSW, Australia. Our service area extends from North Sydney to Newcastle.

    Remote support is available anywhere in the world. This allows you to have complete IT support no matter where your business takes you.

    Redback Bytes is a local, privately owned, computer repair and computer services business dedicated to technology support for home users and small businesses.

    We pride ourselves on our no-nonsense approach to computer repair and communicate with non-technical clients in plain English.

    Computer Repair, Laptop Repairs and IT Support - On The Central Coast

    Our mission: To make computer repairs, maintenance and services available to the average Australian at an affordable and realistic price.

    We want you to try our services for yourself and experience how a real computer services company does business. There are some good reasons why other IT Companies do not stack up the service we offer your family and your business, and that’s the real reason Redback Bytes is for you.

    After hours services
    Fixed prices
    If we don’t fix it, you don’t pay
    Same day service & emergency services
    All work under warranty
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Mobile service for your convenience
    Local business only on The Central Coast
    Technical terms delivered in plain English
    Computer Parts at wholesale prices

    If you need technical support please call us on Mobile: 045 119 4321 for a free assesment and quote. Or email any questions you may have

    Visits: 4736

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