Sons Of Obiwan Saber Academy

    Sons Of Obiwan Saber Academy Tuggerah Central Coast Region - NSW | OBZ

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    83 Gavenlock Road

    There is only one reason to join the Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy, and that is to have fun! Our classes are geared towards nerds of all shapes, sizes and ages who want to learn to fight like the great Jedi masters in a safe and inclusive environment. You will learn an easy to understand and implement stage combat system that will allow you and your friends to create the lightsaber battles you saw in your head when you were 5 years old swinging a broomstick in the back garden. We hope to create a community of enthusiastic and imaginative people who can come together and live out their nerdom together and have fun!

    The lightsabers we will provide for classes are fully loaded, meaning that the light up and make that awesome vroom sound when you swing them at your opponent! The hilts are made of T6 grade aluminium with perspex blades.

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