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    Yang Tai Chi Classes on the Central Coast

    Central Coast Yang Tai Chi offers classes in the Chinese exercise and internal martial art of Tai Chi Chuan.

    Instructor Steve Heard has been teaching on the Central Coast since 2007 and during that time he has competed in local and international events. Steve has won a total of eight gold medals the most recent was at the South Pacific Championships held in Sydney this year and previously in November 2012 he won two gold medals in the world championships in Huangshan China.

    Steve has a strong belief that every teacher must have a teacher and still trains every week with Master Alice Bei Dong in Sydney. She was trained in her younger years by great masters in Shanghai where she grew up, including Grandmaster Fu Zhong Wen. After spending three years in Japan teaching instructors, Master Alice moved to Australia where she teaches all facets of Wushu to a large number of students in Sydney.

    Classes are open to all ages and fitness levels and are conducted at Erina, Holgate, Kincumber and Terrigal

    Classes: Central Coast
    Monday 1.00pm Glengara Country Club, Tumbi Umbi
    Monday 7.00pm Narara Community Centre
    Tuesday 7.30am Kibble Park Gosford
    Tuesday 9.30am Black Belt Martial Arts Wyoming
    Wednesday 2.00pm Kincumber Nautical Village
    Wednesday 7.00pm Holgate Public School (Tai Chi Sword)
    Thursday 7.30am Kibble Park Gosford
    Thursday 9.30am Black Belt Martial Arts Wyoming
    Thursday 11am Intuition Music School Tuggerah
    Friday 7.15am 50+ Leisure and Learning Centre Gosford
    Friday 9.00am Gosford Waterfront/Sailing Club (Tai Chi Sword)
    Friday 12.30pm Close Combat West Gosford
    Friday 2.00pm Henry Kendall Gardens Wyoming
    Saturday 8.00am Terrigal Haven Free Class

    Visits: 3692

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