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    330 The Entrance Road

    Based in Erina on the beautiful N.S.W Central Coast, situated between sydney and newcastle and proudly the Coast's first homegrown craft brewery . We are 100% locally owned company with a 100% locally made product.

    Established in 2012 and officially opening our doors in 2013, Six String Brewing Company is all about great beer and great music! The idea of opening up their own brewery was spawned in 2009 after long term home brewer Chris had had enough of the IT and corporate world took to convincing old school friend, Adam that it was more than just a great idea. After a number of 'research trips' to Western Australia, New Zealand and the U.S it was a good 12 months before the idea got off the ground and the reality of what was involved began to hit home. After a number of false starts and a marathon of bureaucratic hurdles the current location was secured in 2012 and the real fun of setting up the brew house and taproom began.

    Six String Brewing company has in the short time its been open has with chris' brews and Adams sales expertise gone from strength to strength and hope to continue spreading word of the craft beer revolution happening across Australia starting with the Central Coast.

    Visits: 3622

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