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    148 Main Road

    Where it all started…

    Carinya House of Hair has been in the planning for around seven years. When my identical twin daughters embarked on careers in hairdressing and beauty, my advice to them was as follows:

    Always be honest with salon guests. If you don’t believe in a product, don’t sell it.
    Care about every single guest as you would your own friends and family.
    Ensure that each guest has an enjoyable and relaxing experience, regardless of how you may feel at the time.
    Ensure that each guest walks out the door looking and feeling fabulous.
    Treat your work colleagues with the respect that they deserve. They probably spend more time in salon with you than with their own family. How you treat those around you can and should impact on them in a positive way.
    When you have finished your apprenticeship, please remember how you were treated as an apprentice. They are not there just to clean up after you and be bossed around, they are in that salon to learn; so help and encourage them to become the very best hairdressers that they can be.
    Most importantly, enjoy yourselves. If you’re not genuinely enthusiastic about what you are doing, then guest’s are not getting what they’ve paid for.

    It’s taken time and patience…

    I watched as Danielle and Gabrielle worked through their apprenticeships, studying their Diploma of Salon Management whilst working. They both initially gained a wealth of knowledge and experience working in busy Westfield salons. Towards the middle of their apprenticeships, they both moved to very exclusive salons in Sydney, where they continued to work after completing their apprenticeships. Both Danielle and Gabrielle won various awards throughout their time studying and both have retained the drive and passion that has always made them stand out.

    After deciding to move to the Central Coast just over two years ago, I decided that there was room in the market up here for a salon that delivered the skill and quality of service that the girls were used to providing for their guest’s.
    Why has it taken so long?

    Whilst there are a lot of available commercial properties on the Central Coast market, until recently we had not found one that resonated with us and what we wanted to provide to our guest’s. That was until we found 148 Main Road, Toukley. From the calm water backdrop of Budgewoi Lake to the size, era and style of our beautiful building (named ‘Sea of Glass’ by the current Owner), everything about this property resonated with us. The first time that we visited, we could envisage a very clear picture of what we would be able to achieve. Now that it’s all come together, we are able to offer our guests the affordable luxury that they deserve.
    Where did the name Carinya House of Hair come from?

    We are often asked where the name Carinya House of Hair came from. Carinya is an Aboriginal name that reflects what we want to offer staff and guests. As with many Aboriginal words, there are sometimes differences in meaning; the one that resonates with us, means ‘happy, harmonious home’. House of Hair was added because we want our guest’s to feel at home. Carinya House of Hair is a family business in which my Husband and I work with our Triplet daughters. Gabrielle and Danielle are both Senior Hairstylists and Rochelle works on a casual basis in reception and looking after our IT (web development, social media etc). Myself and my Husband (Greg) have many years of Business Development experience as well as myself having qualifications in beauty, make-up artistry and some training and experience in hairdressing. What we all have in common, is a shared desire to ensure that our guest’s enjoy a little luxury during their visit and that they feel comfortable in our salon. We deliberately went out of our way to ensure that the salon is warm and welcoming and we hope that you like what we’ve created.
    Our employee’s are important to us…

    We also have the desire to ensure that future employee’s of Carinya House of Hair will feel like part of our extended family. They will be provided with the opportunity to work in a happy, caring and respectful environment. We aim to keep the passion alive in our salon and will invest in training to ensure that our stylists keep-up with fashion trends and technology, whilst enjoying new challenges.

    We are all looking forward to to welcoming you into our salon soon.

    Sharon Sear

    Salon Owner

    C is for congenial, your pleasing way.

    A is for accomplished, in all that you do.

    R is for radiant, you know how to have fun!

    I is for impress, for impress you will.

    N is for natural, there certainly is a genuine side of you.

    Y is for youth, of which you will nurture!

    A is for affirm, the certainty of knowledge.

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