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    75 Victoria St
    Bunbury WA

    We are the newest and most innovative school for professional development in modelling, fashion and personal growth for children and young adults in the South West.

    We plan to be the best by delivering an involved learning experience with a unique, fun curriculum written and delivered by experienced instructors.

    Our approach is confidence through positive experience, classes that grow with your child, guidance from ourselves and other professionals to cultivate a real understanding of the fashion industry and personal care.

    We pledge to be cost conscious - our classes will be affordable at $30.00 per week. We promise to be hassle free - everything needed in sessions will be provided by us. The aim is to keep our students busy, learning, encouraged.and prepared with the necessary etiquette and life skills for adulthood.

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    Fashion in Bunbury WA

    Fashion in Bunbury Region - WA

    Bunbury Region - WA

    Bunbury WA